Wet Shaving Beginner
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I figured we could have all the beginner wet shavers post their beginning kits in here.

Since I just started, its small. Lol
[Image: 02652be3042748110767a485cc6421b2.jpg]

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Since I officially don't have a shaving mug or own a scuttle, yet I commandeered a coffee mug. Haha

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Let the shaving begin!

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I'll bet money that it'll triple in size in 2-3 months. Tongue

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That is a fine looking start. Enjoy! Smile

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at one time or another we were "all new guys" and you can really never learn enough about wet shaving.  What's more you can never "acquire" too much gear (although my wife disagrees)  One thing that has served me well, is always ask first about any gear you are considering getting, and read reviews first if they are out their on that particular product.  There is nothing worse than spending money on a soap or razor or aftershave and having buyers remorse after it gets in the den.  While the aforementioned has happened to me on occasion, seeking recommendations and advice before purchase has generally served me very well and ensured a satisfied purchase.  Welcome aboard and enjoy the shaves....

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Hey New guy,

If you don't  have a mug, the rest of your stuff is going to feel bad about itself.

I have an extra mug and shuttle if it is of interest to you, let me know
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Good start.  Think of all the money you will save, well not really.

Great start with the Merkur 34c. Make sure to try some different blades
Very nice indeed! You have everything you need to learn the proper technique and the joys of wet shaving. And there's a wealth of info here about brushes, razors, and soaps that will help you if you decide to get more gear.
All the best,

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