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Found a very good to excellent condition SR with sterling silver scales in an antique store.  It includes the original leather pouch and the scales do have the silver stamp  The scales are ornate and the blade looks to be in fantastic condition with no hone wear.

So...how much is something like this worth?  They're asking $350.  It's outside my price range but I'm curious if the price is reasonable,  excessive, amazing value,????

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Every thing is worth what someone is willing to pay. That is a price that is way higher that I would be willing to pay, even if it was from a important or sought after maker. You can always make a offer. Some dealers think they are sitting on a gold mine. At that price and after sitting for a few months, seller might Change there mind. I do have one in Sterling I got at an estate sale. While two silver buyers were fighting if they would pay $18 or $20, I offered $25 and it went home with me

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St Petersburg, Fl
[Image: duT1xSj.jpg]

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Thanks Timwcic! It was way outside my price range as well. I don't think I had ever seen silver scales before and was intrigued/ curious if that price for silver was common.

This is stunning, I love it!  I hope that you are enjoying this straight!

Happy Holidays!



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