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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
Saturday AM 2018-07-14

Moss Anniversary Slate scuttle
Rooney Polo 1 Ivory Finest (24/54)
Houbigant Fougère Royale shaving soap (vintage)
Charcoal Goods Brass Level 1/UFO U2V1 Brass
Personna Super Stainless (6)
Houbigant Fougère Royale aftershave (vintage)
[Image: Kxuzr3H.jpg]

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Gillette Slim Adjustable
Gillette Platinum
Stirling 2-band Synthetic
Mickey Lee Soapworks The Kraken
Clubman Reserve Whiskey Woods

Great shave.
Mickey Lee is definitely one of my best performers!

[Image: c6a35a92d789c9c529729948e031420f.jpg]

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North Texas
Saturday, July 14, 2018 - Shave of the Day

[Image: O0a87NV.jpg]

Brush  ||  Simpson Chubby 3
Soap  || Sapone Di Paolo Pulito
Razor  ||  Blackland Blackbird / Astra SP (3)
A/S  ||  Fine American Blend

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[Image: 8Ni47go.jpg]

Nathan Zowada
Shavemac 2-band
B&M Cologne Russe

Smooth shave today after touching up razor on Japanese stones with one layer of tape (call me Mr Limpet - er Dolphin)

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Rio Rico, Arizona
[Image: f3f944a5c7cd14257b3246c555c3ce6f.jpg]
Fantastic Saturday shave
PAA La Tierra Mojada
Ever-Ready C-40
Gillette Super Speed 1974
Voskhod blade

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"It's all ball bearings, hey!" - Fletch
[Image: 69uOk9g.jpg]

A&E Summer Fig - Fine Stout - Timeless Ti 0,68 OC - Perma Sharp - Antesol

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UK Staffordshire
Yesterday's SOTD
[Image: mjMvNW7.jpg]

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