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Today's wet shaving options are almost endless. Let's see yours for the week. Smile

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Sunday 08.08.21 SOTD

[Image: ZTHw6uy.jpg]

RazoRock SS
Hawk V3 Reg / Schick Proline
Yaqi Heavy Metal Short Handle 24mm Silvertip
SV Desert Vetiver Shaving Soap & Aftershave

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Sunday, August 08, 2021.
Floid oil pre shave. Catie´s Bubbles Inspirazione Di Parma. TSS Rein Dachs Badger Shaving Brush, Premium 2-Band Silvertip Knot, Faux Tortoise Lathed Resin Handle. Galatea especial 14, swedish steel, custom horn scales. Aqua di Parma: Lotion, balm aftershave & EdT.
[Image: 4785b24ecdb0c5e7cfecf70621c321ba.jpg]

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Razor: Bengall 11/16
Strop: Vintage F.W. Engels; Mastro Livi
Brush: Synthetic
Cream: St. James of London
Finale: Woods of Windsor

[Image: 2Y698mA.jpg]

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August 8th
Razor: PAA Ascension Cu
Blade: Gillette 7o'clock PermasharpStainless (2)
Brush: PAA Solar Flare
Pre-shave: PAA Cube
Soap: PAA Coconut Bay w/Lime
PAA Galactic Witch Hazel
PAA Star Jelly
AS: PAA Coconut Bay w/ Lime

Good morning!

[Image: 6872464b74cbd42239fbc1ddd34ad6b1.jpg]

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expert shaver
Timeless Ti SLIM OC
Tabac Original Soap
Omega Synthetic
Harry's Balm

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Just Here for the Shaves
Williamsburg, KY
Sunday August 8, 2021
Razor: SNMIRN Adjustable
Blade: Wizamet (?)
Brush: Sorrentino Clown Puke
Soap: Haslinger Schafmilch 1508.5
AS 1: Humphrey's Alcoholado Maravilla 70
AS 2: Proraso Green Splash
Fragrance: Azzaro Visit
Consecutive Daily Shaves - # 1005

[Image: F7kG4PV.jpg]

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[Image: k2P4M6u.jpg]

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Vib'Raz, Famex / Feather (2). Even on a fairly mild setting the Famex has more blade feel than the Vib'Raz. It's stellar on my head but a little rough ATG on my chin compared to the Vib'Raz. [Image: 8fe5d68f63efd450abf67900e3753d7c.jpg]

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