Rio Rico, Arizona
EJ 89 with the beautiful chrome.
Gillette 7 o’clock blade
PAA atomic Rocket brush
Razorock Zi Peppino soap
Alum stone
Pitralon AS

Good 3 pass shave with some cleanup on the neck. Feels soo much better. Ready for the weekend.

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East Texas
Crown King | Pinaud Deadman
Leo Frilot Tru-Stone Copper Matrix | AP Shave Co. SynBad 30mm
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RazoRock Acqua
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Proraso Pre Green
APR Fenchurch
TF 'Purple Dread' High Mountain White
Gillette Fatboy
Armani Code Profumo​

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New Mexico USA
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SV Tundra Artica Balm

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