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San Diego, Cal., USA
New week, new shaves. Smile

East Texas
Finished this shave at midnight, so I posted in the other thread, too.

[Image: 6eFjP9V.jpg?1]

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Meissner Oil Pelargonie Lavandel
Lpl Dandy
Thiers Isard Horn
Romera Rustic Premium Silvertip Fan
Xtro Antica Colonia Italiana Taormina

[Image: cffc37f40c109eb4442ef64f305248d1.jpg]

Enviado desde mi D6603 mediante Tapatalk

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Winchester VA
[Image: NJhk7CE.jpg]

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Weber PH Bulldog
Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge
Meissner Tremonia Dark Limes
Simpson Tulip 2 Super Two Band
D.R. Harris Arlington Aftershave Milk

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Wausau, Wisconsin USA
SOTD: Sunday - August 30, 2015

Alvarez Gomez Agua Colonia Shave Cream
Plisson Synthetic Brush
PILS Razor
Polsilver Blade
Floid Blue
Alvarez Gomez Agua Colonia Balm

[Image: DSGnq96.jpg]

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Johnny - It's time for a shave.

expert shaver
Shavecraft Tech RazoRock Matte Stainless Handle
Voskhod Teflon Blade
Omega Boar Brush
Derby Shave Soap
Fonex Balm
Bvlgari MAN Cologne

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Cincinnati. Ohio
[Image: 8R0gayk.jpg]

Sunday, 30 August, 2015:

Razor: Merkur 30C
Blade: Personna Lab Blue  
Brush: Thäter 4376 Finest Badger    
Soap: Klar Kabinett
A/S: Klar Rasierwasser Klassik


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SS - The Blades Grimm, Smoulder
AS - PAA, Malbolge
Brush - Satin tip
Razor 34c
Blade - Feather

[Image: Ce4qPCg.jpg]

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