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New week, new shaves. Wink
[Image: 19042865158_001509a940_b.jpg]

TFS 70th // Rod Neep Antec Malachite Stone // IBERIA Bassat 13 Doble Temple // Xtro Acqua di Eucalipto // Xtro Antica Acqua di Colonia Sottozero Dopobarba

[Image: PicsArt_1435490681933.jpg]

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hey, my first post, so let it be a SOTD Smile..

[Image: 2015-06-27-miha-wwwbrite.jpg]

King pelican 13/16 (quarter hollow) kamisori type straight razor
Semogue SOC2 brush
Cella soap
Kramperts Bay rum AS

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Milan, Italy
[Image: sEc9xPt.jpg]Omega 10018
I Coloniali - Crema Per La Rasatura Mango
Friedr. Schlemper Focus 189
Gialean - Lozione Dopobarba Emolliente
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[Image: GgnXPwI.jpg]
From left to right:
Dr Harris Windsor AS
Simpson chubby 1 best
Mikes natural soaps vetiver
Ej de89 with derby blade
Nivea sensitive skin balm

[Image: PicsArt_1435576719166.jpg]
Kronos r2 / med prep

Paladin Falstaff

Wholly Kaw Vetililac

Country Club Frozen Vetiver

[Image: 5f1eba4941ebea44569e07ad8dd16b65.jpg]

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[Image: 9f59e3cc11e3c33f9a7a1915ea6ef147.jpg]


iKon OC w/Bulldog Handle
Feather (4)
Shavemac Americana
Truefitt & Hill Lavender
Witch Hazel
Generic (Master is the brand, I believe) Bay Rum

Another amazing shave with the iKon, courtesy of Truefitt & Hill products. Yes, they're expensive, but you get what you pay for with those creams.

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