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Great, leisurely shower and shave today.

Dr. Teal's Himalayan/Epsom salt scrub (leaves skin as slick and smooth as a silvertip brush).

Face wash with William Neumann's peppermint and eucalyptus bar soap, using hot water and a soft sponge. Nice smell!

The usual Mickey Lee's peppermint pre-shave (as I've said, this stuff is great...but I'm also gonna have to diversify in this area a bit...)

Mitchell's Wool Fat soap (nuff said).

ATT Windsor razor with the R-plate (haven't used lately, but a sweet instrument for sure), with a Gillette Yellow 7 O'Clock (2) blade (terrific in every razor I've used so far, which is a bit unusual in my experience).

Three slick passes.

The usual follow-up/wind down of alum block, hot water rinse, cold water shock, and Thayer's witch hazel, copiously applied.

A generous spritz of Proraso menthol and eucalyptus AS (amazing and inexpensive).

Nivea ASB (another area in need of variety).

Wonderful BBS...exceptional skin feel!


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It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
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Monday's night shave
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A cold rinse really kicks up the menthol. Happy2

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