2 SOTDs in one shot because I’m getting lazy with photos lol

Day 1
Razor: 15/16 Barbers Rattler
Soap: Talbot Valley of Fire
Brush: Shavemac D01 28mm
Aftershave: Talbot Valley of Fire

Razor: Celebrated 9/8 FBU
Soap: Talbot Coles Pond
Brush: Declaration B5 Unicorn
Aftershave: Talbot Coles Pond

Both were amazing shaves! I had to bring down the edge on the 9/8 because it was just too aggressive for me and I couldn’t really enjoy the times I used it. I didn’t kill the edge but I did refresh it using a tomo Nagura and finished on clear water. The 15/16 needed a quick couple passes on clear water just to bring it back a tad. Both razors had well over 10 shaves on them each so it was about that time for me.
The experience on both shaves was superb. Talbot really does have something special going on with the bases and the lather. Very slick, allowing for a very close shave on both events. I didn’t load heavy on either so my lather was a bit thin on the 3rd pass but the slickness was sufficient for me to get everything I needed from both shaves. VOF is a very floral scent imo. Smells quite a bit different off the puck vs lathered and much better when lathered. Coles Pond on the other hand has a wonderful fresh scent both off the puck and when lathered. Both are keepers but Coles Pond is certainly superior for all around enjoyment. I find the base (or lather) when worked is very similar to Barrister & Mann’s reserve base which is awesome. Both performed extremely well despite user errors on my end and very much enjoyed them both.

[Image: 0135448b5926c7a2e0cb1c173eb0bed8.jpg]

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Afeitado 61:

PRE Ducha caliente + Aceite Floïd
JABON Barrister and Mann Lavanille
BROCHA Yaqi Timber Wolf 26mm
MAQUINILLA Oneblade v1
CUCHILLA GEM Personna #2
AFTER Aloe Vera puro
MÚSICA Santana - Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen

[Image: 9K9SA8z.jpg]

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Veni, vidi, vici
New Vegas
Friday, February 15
[Image: pRM95rr.jpg]

[Image: ShtEapX.jpg]
Moon Soap Havana~~Rubberset 400/3~~2011 Mühle R41~~Personna 74
Have a great day!

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