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All smell incredible. I spent an hour at Pasteur pharmacy smelling every soap in stock and these were up there with the best scents so I bought them in spite of knowing they may not work out with my bowl lathering only preference. Selling as a lot only 

SV dolomiti soap and AS. Soap Used 1x
SV tundra artica soap and AS. Soap used 1x
PdP 63 soap and AS new. Unused.

Tundra is a refill puck turns out. I’ll ship it in a clean Tupperware container for protection or whatever you prefer. 

Retailed 160+tax for me. I used a 10% coupon. I will discount an additional 25% off top.

$115 shipped priority mail.  G&S included. 

[Image: rFWYgDd.jpg]

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