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Wolfman WR2/WRH2 SB 1.1 Gap
The gap is 1.1, custom in between the 1.05 and 1.15 option. I find this to be just enough to really be efficient but not harsh for frequent shaving
Handle is hollow
Stainless steel
Basic polished, however looks very close to mirror
Used maybe 10-15 times
Very light water spots on the bottom of the topcap
This configuration is 550 CAD currently through Wolfman
Asking 350 dollars shipped CONUS. Prefer venmo, cashapp, or paypal

[Image: l9S3sWeLSEGg.jpg?o=1]
[Image: G6K000OIJXhw.jpg?o=1][Image: VDwNmcxeKthK.jpg?o=1][Image: oUelQn57kjvM.jpg?o=1]

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I actually have a WRA1 stand for this as well. Will to include it for a good price if interested

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