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Selling this beautiful razor all in immaculate condition comes with both mild and aggressive plates and also stand and original packaging. Rare razor to find as no longer made asking £400 shipped worldwide
[Image: 2uAWhmf.jpeg][Image: Szptufy.jpeg][Image: CWliDxk.jpeg][Image: qIxzY6N.jpeg][Image: xa7ahG9.jpeg]
[Image: DsveXbA.jpeg][Image: 5uSM4zN.jpeg]

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Rarity aside this is one of my top performers, and made the cut in my extensive collection downsizing. Glwts and congrats to the lucky buyer.

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Yes^ x10

A great shaver. Handles are so grippy - great balance. Nimble. Love mine. GLWS

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One of my favorite razors in my den!, Glwts, definitely one of my top performers.

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Thanks so much guys making me regret selling it now lol it definitely is a wonderful shaver

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