For sale : the last of the Semogue prototypes.This one still having a very rare 2 band badger hair.Its a HMW (well , the hair is sold under the HMW denomination , is that makes sense to you).Great flow , good backbone and very soft tips.I must be honest , this hair feels very similar to the first proto I tested (only 3 protos were made , a Manchurian , this HMW and another two band which feels like this).

The handle is the final version but this one has a different pattern won't be use , as you can see in the second picture.

This one has a 24,5 mm knot and 49 mm loft.I have used it 5 times.

Due to its rarity and badger hair , asking 225 dollars for it.

PayPal and CONUS only.Once again , money will he heading to help a charity.

Thanks for looking

[Image: ec096e4d5c2a5960a920ab798445435c.jpg][Image: 82b7650fd2a6faf1cfe678cb73ce7837.jpg][Image: a151e8417f30bdd9fdaeccba4be473be.jpg]

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Bump and I also receive offers.This is an outstanding brush if you are a face latherer and love 2 band badger brushes.

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A good friend and member of this board have asked me that if I wanted to do a "charitable act" I should lower the price of this brush so it can be more affordable.After taking into consideration , I have decided to do it.Asking 125 dollars for it.

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Sold ! Thanks DFS and buyer.

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