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For sale is a once used Oumo Chinese Lacquer shave brush with a 27mm Meri-2 badger fan knot. Absolutely beautiful handle, especially with this all white badger knot but it’s just a little larger than I like to use. 

Please see photos and brush card for further details. You can also read about the Meri-2 knots on Oumo’s website.

I paid approx. $350 shipped for this brush.
I am asking $280 shipped for it (the price I paid for the handle only).


[Image: ykqSL7I.jpg]
[Image: FxuMdSh.jpg][Image: TkN6HAS.jpg][Image: SzIyVjM.jpg][Image: ZbyE9ja.jpg]

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Unique brush, at least to my experience

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Very interesting how they make them to say the least. Carry said they made 41 handles but only 26 were without defects.

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