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I recently this month received a Fatboy that I got revamped and plated in Rhodium from RAZOR EMPORIUM. I have the invoice to prove it.  It is stunning and beautiful but it doesn't agree with my face, even with diff blades. Soooo I'm going to put it up for sale, even though I really don't want to. It such a beauty, RE did such a great job on it. It looks flawless. It cost me $119 just for the revamp service and plating.  I'm hoping to recoup that at least.  So I'm listing it for $119 shipped.  OBO CONUS shipping. Payment through PayPal. I'm not sure the year it is as soon as I figure it out I'll post it up.[Image: 04ae1b3bde691ad6b9c59f40b6ae66c8.jpg][Image: e5bca646e7e90fe96c41a04e065ec364.jpg][Image: da7d480181b251d7b1a52c6d75bda96b.jpg]
If you want more pics I can take more. These were taken with my iPhone so not the greatest pics

[Image: b213b96f97ff75afa37a99534824beb2.jpg]
The date code reads E 3
I'll take it. You have PM.
Looks like they did a very nice job on the replating. So shiny! Big Grin
Sold thanks for your interest

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