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Hey gents. Few high end gear items up for the BST's today. All prices include G&S and priority shipping.

Paradigm TI V2 handle- Perfect condition- $250 no box. SOLD for 150$ to a great DFS member. 

Carbon B-316L brush- Excellent condition. Used once found it too small for my taste. $120 box included

RR Lupo .72. Never used presents as new. $50 with box SOLD

H&S Z074 TI polished with matching timeless polished 14MM stand- This is the second one I've purchased and came beautifully polished direct from Aji. First one had a machine finish (which was gifted to my old man) Both of these items are 1 week old and present as new. $425 Protective H&S box included. this is the razor cost with a machine finish from H&S- stand is no cost to you.

Raw RS-10 with both plates and matching RS-5 stand. The stand was harder to find than the razor. Razor presents as new. Stand has some light scratches. Razor logo on top cap slightly faded from previous polish job. $950 for both no box.

SPF to a great DFS member

[Image: 5AJwiL3.jpg]
[Image: DnqBHfb.jpg]
[Image: DcOfUoy.jpg]
[Image: MrOlLLe.jpg]
[Image: 0BRcmgj.jpg]
[Image: BhVQGvh.jpg]
[Image: l36OcA8.jpg]

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Beautiful razors

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PM sent on the Paradigm T2 handle....

Excellent seller here folks!
Sean, Upstate N.Y.

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