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EDIT: If you have something that you think i may accept, send me a PM.

I am an honest man , so I have to accept the evidence , and absorb the loss.

This is one of the most best, if not the best, shaving brush ever manufactured

Big, soft, dense Manchurian knot

Overall brush height: 102mm
Handle height: 48mm
Loft: 54mm
Knot diameter: 28.5mm

only hand lather once.

asking for him 320$ (paypal only)
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With the current exchange (roughly 1 British pound = 1.34 USD). The price brand new is $367.15 USD on Simpson's website. Are the candy stripe handles more?

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NO they are not i just bought a few brushes from Mark from simpson for the price you described before. Anyone can email him and he will let you know what he has in stock or can make one for you.

Los Angeles
That is 1 sweet looking brush
great looking handle. one day
I want to inform you that I will join original simpson cream
I apologize to colleagues because it did not mention that the price includes shipping costs
Still on the box...
PM sent
Brush Sold.
Thanks and regards.

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