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I have a couple of aftershave lots up for grabs, one is regular size bottles, the other lot are all sample sizes. I have a couple of add on items available as well, which I'll list after the lots. So, here we go:

Sold Lot A

1. Wheat State Soaps A.D.G - new
2. RazoRock Gold - used 2x
3. RazoRock Tuscan Oud - used 1x
4. Italian Barber Eleganza - used      2x
5. RazoRock Son of Zeus - used 2x
6. RazoRock Emperor - used 1x
7. RazoRock For New York - used 3 or 4x
8. Barrister & Mann Latha Oceana -used 1x

Total retail for these was $86.93 plus whatever I paid in shipping.

Selling for $65 Now $55. shipped conus.

[Image: HcESCDq.jpg]

[Image: vC4c1H0.jpg]


1. Fine Fresh Vetiver - new
2. Fine Lavender - new
3. Fine Green Vetiver -new
4. Fine Italian Citrus - sprayed 1x
5. Fine Platinum - new
6. Fine L'Orange Noir - new
7. Fine Santal Absolut - new
8. Barrister & Mann Petrichor - new
9. Barrister's Reserve Spice -new
10. Barrister's Reserve Classic - new

SOLDRetail cost on these samples was $33.40 plus shipping.

Selling for $25 Shipped conus.

[Image: 3lusGmO.jpg]

[Image: Awie0dS.jpg]

The following items are available as add-on items for either of the above lots. I only have one of each and they must be purchased with one of the lots, can't sell these items separately.

Add-on 1

RazoRock ZCENT Acqua EDP (currently sold out at Italian Barber) - used 1x

There is a cap for the bottle which I will include, just forgot to put it on for the photo.

Retail is $9.99 add this to one of the lots listed above for $7.

[Image: 9fkGISS.jpg]

Add-on 2

Irisch Moos Pre Shave - used 2x
This is sold in 2 sizes 100ml and 150ml - The one I am offering is the larger 150ml size

Retail on this is $37.50 plus shipping

Add-on to either of the 2 after shave lots for $28 Now $25

[Image: tDgwrCK.jpg]

Any questions, shoot me a PM, and thanks for looking!
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Lot A reduced to $60. Shipped conus.

SOLD. Lot B reduced to $22. Shipped conus

Irisch Moose add-on reduced to $25 with either lot.
Lot B, the samples, are sold.
The full size aftershave lot is still available and reduced to $55 shipped.

Previous Add-ons are also available.
Every is sold, thanks.

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