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I don't drink soft drinks very often but my favourite is Dr Pepper. I had one for the first time this year the other day and as soon as I opened the can, I took in a big whiff and said, out loud, "Damn, I love that smell!" - followed by, of course, "I wonder if there's a shaving soap that smells like Dr Pepper?"

I did a Google search and found a few hobby/artisan soap makers who've made "Dr Pepper" scented bar soaps, but none that I've found were shaving soaps. I did see some that some wet shavers who've used Cella think it smells like Dr Pepper, but most agree it's more of a marzipan scent. As a marzipan aficionado since I was in diapers, I wouldn't say marzipan smells like Dr Pepper at all.

I found a website that sells candle and soap supplies, including fragrances oils - and they have one called "Mr. Pepper M.D.". That description for the scent is given as:
naturesgardencandles.com Wrote:A blend of spicy orange and cherry notes with hints of toasted almond, clove and cinnamon create a totally unique fragrance. This fragrance oil by Natures Garden smells similar to Dr. Pepper Soda.

Top Notes: Orange, Cherry
Mid Notes: Almond, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg
Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood
So, anyone come across a shaving soap or cream similar to that?
And I suppose the next question is: does the idea of a Dr Pepper-like shaving soap/cream excite anyone else, or am I just "weird like that"? Confused

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Soap Commander Purpose is very much in that same vein imo. Like a spicier rootbeer


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Hey DanielB , check this out...

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All I can say is , YUK!

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Dapper Dragon does customs. I would assume he should be able to make this pretty easily. From what I have heard the price is very reasonable. And it's a really good soap.

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I know these things are very subjective, but I would recommend checking out Stirling Soap Company’s “Black Cherry”. They sell samples of their soaps, so you wouldn’t have to commit to a full puck or tub. I really enjoy this particular scent from them.
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Along the same lines, Stirling's Ben Franklin is dead on for Sarsaparilla Root Beer.

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(04-20-2016, 01:39 AM)olschoolsteel Wrote: Along the same lines, Stirling's Ben Franklin is dead on for Sarsaparilla Root Beer.
Yup. Root Beer is what I got too, smells delicious.

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I was part of the "test circle" on that soap so it came to me unlabeled. As soon as I used it I emailed Rod and told him I loved his new Root Beer soap and cant wait for it to hit the market (along with a more extensive review) and he told me he already named it Ben Franklin and labels were already being printed. I knew trying to convince him otherwise would be rough at that point. Funny story, my step mom smelled me lathering it in the bathroom and asked if I was drinking root beer and shaving too!

I do get some spices and light clove on dry down. Pairs well with my VIBR AS.

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