Ok guys give me your opinion. I have the Merkur 34C and the Merkur Futur, but I have been wanting to try a slant head razor. I really don't use my Futur I would say I used it maybe 4 times I just prefer the 34C, so I was thinking about trading the Futur for a slant head what do you think would be a good comparable slant head price wise?

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I can't speak as to price. Only you can decide what the value of the Futur is to you, and whether a slant is worth more to you or not.

I can, however, tell you that I traded my excellent condition British Tech with aluminum spiral handle for an excellent condition Merkur 37c, and I couldn't be happier. I really enjoy my slant. Very close shaves without sacrificing comfort.

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very cool, thanks I appreciate the input

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I don't know what slant to recommend, I haven't tried a futur but the moment I shaved with the 37c, I knew I loved slants. My favorite right now is the ATT S1 and the iKon 102.
Well that seems to be 2 votes for the 37c and 2 votes for the Ikon 102

Thanks for the input
I can recommend both of them. iKon ShaveCraft 102 is a very mild (but efficient) slant. A great daily driver. 37C is more aggressive, but still smooth. I'm glad I have both (plus ATT S1 that is even better).
I do like less aggressive razors which is why I have only use the Futur about 3 times. I am looking to trade it for one of the above listed razors or at least sell it so I can buy one.

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In my experience the Ikon was much milder than the Mekur. Both great razors IMO.

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Be aware that there are 2 versions of the Merkur 37c available right now. The older style is more aggressive than the new style.

My experience is with the old style. Im told it is more aggressive, but mine is wonderfully smooth and very efficient.

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Another vote for the Ikon 102. Works great for me, and was my main razor for the past year. That is until I started gathering vintage Gillette's.

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