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Folks, for those of you who want to sell or want to trade something on our B/S/T forum, I have a request.  Once your item is sold or traded would you please show it as either "Sold" or "Closed", whichever is applicable.  When you want to sell or trade something, you know to click on either the green Sell button or the orange Trade button, as seen here:

[Image: cMZNrVF.png].

However, please take note of the More button to the right.  When you click on that you will see this:

[Image: INAtEir.png].

By clicking on Closed or Sold, that will put the word in gray on your original thread.  Here is an example (and thanks vtmax Happy2):

[Image: ZvVcpD4.png]

You don't even have to add it to the original title of your thread; by clicking on the word, it will be done for you.  Most of you are simply announcing that an item, or items, has sold as a post in the thread.  While that  lets the moderators know that we can then move the thread to the B/S/T Archive, it is slow and tedious work to have to go through every thread to check for closure.  With the gray Closed or Sold showing on your original thread we can move threads faster as well as more than one at a time.

I believe once you get used to this, you will actually come to appreciate it's ease and simplicity and it will make the mods' jobs just that little bit easier.  Thanks for helping.

Freddy Smile

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Yes, much easier to close out an item this way. A nice streamlined approach.

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OK. You have sold me on the process.
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True irony

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