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Does anyone know if Rodak Ceramics is an active retailer still?  I placed an order and have not gotten an update.  I reached out in a few different methods with no response.  I want to try to sort it out before I contest the charges on my card.  Thanks.

Just Here for the Shaves
Williamsburg, KY
His website is up and looks active, he has bowls for sale elsewhere like Pasteur's. Maybe something came up as this can happen with artisans that are the whole show. How long has it been ?
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Chicago Suburbs
This was the first time I have heard of this artisan.

Rodak had an active YouTube Channel, but the latest video was March 2023.

It sounds like there might have been an active Instagram channel, but it is no longer active.

Pasteur Pharmacy has some Rodak shave bowls for sale. You might try contacting them to see if they have contact with the artisan.
If you can get a refund on your Shopify order, perhaps you can purchase from Pasteur.

Of course, it may be that the artisan is ill or on vacation and unable to respond to your attempt to contact him.
I placed the order May 5. At the time the item was in stock, but now is showing out of stock. I can think of reasons why my order may not be processed, but I cant think of reasons why to not reply to my inquiries. My last outreach was late last week, and I used their chat via the website, instagram, and replying to my order via email.

I may reach out to the other retailers...thats a good suggestion.

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All - Here is an update from today. I was not able to get any additional information from Pasteur Pharmacy. But, I was contacted by Rodak Ceramics today via Instagram. It appears that everything is on track at this point. Thanks for the replies and suggestions.

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Chicago Suburbs
I hope you get your pottery soon. It looks like some very nice artistry. Each piece is one of a kind, although they share some similarities.

Mike Distress
New Jersey
     It is beautiful pottery. I picked this up back in November '23. I like my bowls big and this is wide and deep, but the depth is graduated as it narrows toward the bottom. This make sit overall a little smaller than I prefer. It does fit in the palm of the hand beautifully and creates abundant lather easily.

[Image: 4exLPVL.jpeg]
integritas pietas fortitudinem

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