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Well, even if it's not required, its pretty evident to be standard practice among artisan and commercial shaving soap makers. In other words, I've never come across a soap that didn't list the ingredients on the container or wrapping.
- Jeff
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If you take your issues to Jon I'm sure he would address them for you he just want to make his customers happy. I have a video that shows how I lather this soap if it helps


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Listed on vendor's site; not sure why not affixed onto the label.
(04-02-2016, 06:24 PM)Taxidiotis Wrote: Listed on vendor's site; not sure why not affixed onto the label.

I saw that page too but it is not specific. That just tells me he uses fats/oils and lye, which means it is real soap but still tells me noting of the specific oils/fats or butters used.

He said he was having issues with labels ? but I think a quick email to him could resolve any issues he said he will be correct the labeling very soon

Jon has just reformulated his vegan formula and launched a new tallow version and you can choose between the two when ordering by a bar menu! and the result is much better (watch his funny videos on Youtube!)
I have his pumpkin spice and it's now my favorite soap. Unbelievable lather very thirsty. It's amazing

They now have a new line of Tallow based soaps I'm hear great things about them too.

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