Love SV in any Beta form.  Cosmo is next on my list now. Great Review.

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I love SV soaps. Not interested in coffee scents, though.

I have a 1st shave with Mirto planned for tomorrow. I grated it and packed it into a tin this evening.

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SV recently released a vetiver-scented soap in 4.3 version.

gone to Carolina in my mind
ANG69SV recently released a vetiver-scented soap in 4.3 version.

Thanks for the PSA. Happy2   Happy2  
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Normally I get these new SV releases right away but financially, it isn't the best time for me to "need" to get it. So I am going to wait a bit and see if I can sell off some more stuff and then I can justify adding another release to my collection. I hear positive reviews on the Italian forum regarding the scent. I doubt the Beta 4.3 will be anything less than stellar for my skin. I've had all the SV soaps and the newest releases do what they need for me to entertain buying the new ones. I wish I shaved more often to burn through more software that is just sitting around.

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