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Great pics, thanks for sharing them!
All the best,

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(05-19-2017, 05:02 PM)Freddy Wrote: When I take the train up to Los Angeles, that extra hour it takes, compared to driving, is definitely worth it.  The leg room and seat width is fantastic, there is an outlet for me to plug in my iPad or phone, there is free and easy to connect to Wi-Fi, and I'm taken center city to center city.  The stress of driving in that insane Orange-Los Angeles County traffic isn't there and I really appreciate that.

Having said all that, sometimes flying is really the only viable option, as much as it has become so dehumanizing.  I visit my friend in Buffalo a few times a year (he can no longer travel long distances to come out to San Diego) and he suggested I take the train one time so I looked into it.  At 71 years of age, I am not about to sit up in a seat for three days, no matter how comfortable that seat is.  To get a sleeping compartment shoots the price up to more than my upcoming flight to Edinburgh, Scotland.  Add to that two changes of trains, including a 5-1/2 hour layover in Chicago and it all boils down to facing all of that vs. the misery of flying for six to eight hours and it, sadly, becomes no contest.

Agreed. As much as I like the train - you have to budget the time to take a long trip. Airlines have made travel the opposite of fun. I am a tall person and the notion that I need to pay extra money for more leg room seems criminal.

When I was stationed in MCAS Tustin, CA the traffic in the Orange County area was horrible in the 80's so I can appreciate you not wanting to drive through the area now.
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Lovely photos, Freddy. Happy2
Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart
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Although with views like this is it any wonder that horrible city traffic is worth it to see this.
[Image: 228fd5a56c549122ed41f9ba7bff2f8f.jpg]
Or this
[Image: 33ce5095cc1995af3bf75cf67d885f62.jpg]

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