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I used to use Gillette Blue and Astra SP with my aggressive razors, then switched to Feather AS-D2 and used Kai and Feather blades. Kai are as sharp as Feather in my experience but more forgiving in more aggressive razors. I couldn't tell a difference between GBs and SPs though, just know that I liked both very much. However, I wouldn't use either in my AS-D2, only Feather or Kai.
I have good success with Gillette Silver Blue & Perma-Sharp blades.
(12-29-2019, 04:36 PM)thekid59 Wrote: I have good success with Gillette Silver Blue & Perma-Sharp blades.

Another vote for these.  My favorite blade.
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(12-05-2018, 10:38 PM)EFDan Wrote: This is a good place to buy also.  Great prices too.

Thanks for the information.  They look to have a pretty good selection and decent prices.  I placed an order.  I had used tryablade.com in the past and I'd been satisfied with them as well.  This place looks like its in Canada so free shipping for me.

I did some price comparison and assuming that razorbladesclub is listed in CDN$ and tryablade in US$ , tryablade is much cheaper even if you pay the flat $3 shipping (Canada and US) and $5 everywhere else. Example Wizamet SI CDN$1.86 (US$1.42) each razorbladesclub vs US$0.75. Big difference. Even though Tryablade doesn't give you multiple blade discounts it still is cheaper for 10x or 100x.


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I wanted to update my purchase experience from www.razorbladesclub.com I placed an order on December 29 using PayPal and when I had heard nothing from the vendor for over a month I sent him an email via their website contact and heard nothing back so I started the dispute process on PayPal.  I was still hearing nothing after a week or so of escalating the PayPal process then the package showed up.  I never did hear a word of any kind from the vendor.  I discontinued the PayPal process obviously but this vendor isn't big on service or communication.  From the postmark they are located in Germany.  Thats fine but 6 weeks shipping is a little much even by Canadian standards.  I've had orders arrive in 3 days from Italy and 5 days from Israel so IMO this particular vendor isn't trying very hard. 

 Having used both razorbladesclub.com and tryablade.com now, I'd recommend tryablade for price, service and selection. tryablade also lets you order single blades so you can try as wide a selection as possible without having 4-9 leftover blades in a pack you don't like.

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Gillette Silver Blue
Gillette Nacet
Perma Sharp
Treet Platinum
Bluebird / Concord

All of them quite sharp but very smooth blades .

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Polsilver and Permasharp.

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I have found the Gillette yellows to be one of the smoothest blades I've ever used (added benefit is they are also sharp). Beats gsb, Gillette blacks, polsilver, Israeli reds, and personna lab blues.
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(12-03-2018, 11:48 PM)Captainjonny Wrote: I agree with your Voskhod choice for a smooth easy shave. My favorite "mid range" blades that provide a smooth shave are Polsilver, Nacet, and Personna Israeli Reds. I know that some say the Personna Blues are the same as Israeli Reds, but IMHO there is a difference. The Israeil Reds are smoother for some reason. I have found the Gillette Silver Blues and Yellows are sharper than the three I mentioned. Everyone will have a different opinion, therefore you will need to determine what works best for you and your razors of choice.

I find the Reds and Blues MUCH different like you say. The reds are smooth but way to mild for me. I use them once in a while if I've had a rough shave the day before. The Blues are much sharper imo. Yes, not as smooth, but still not overly aggressive.

To answer the OP's question, I'd put Feather or Kai as my top aggressor, Astra SP/Personna Blues as mid/upper mid, and Voskhod as mild. I feel I'm in the minority on this, but I really don't like Voskhod at all. They seem so dull and just don't do it for me. YMMV holds very true here (I hate saying that line but it's true). Obviously this is just my opinion and there are plenty of blades I still haven't gotten around too.

For a Timeless Bronze OC I use Astra SP and gives me a close shave to rival a straight razor. Mind you a slight redness for and hour or so after, but I am very happy with the result...

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