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Tampa Florida
Hey guys,

Looking for a daily driver razor. I currently have an iKON Shavecraft Tech which is a little too aggressive for every day use. Just want to know more about the slab razor. Thank you!
SLAB was my daily driver for over a year, until I snagged a stealth slant, baby smooth, (snowball from there ). It was a thirst for variety that drove me to other razors, no fault of the SLAB's. The SLAB is a great everyday razor. It has more blade feel than many, but it is manageable with a light touch. In comparison, I found the ikon tech to be more like a katana in a Hollywood film, filling the bathroom with splatters of blood and the anticipation that our hero might not make it out alive. Smile
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Haven't used the head but i bought it for the handle when they came out Smile
Parker 24C or 26C - same open comb heads, different handles. Not aggressive but still efficient and smooth. About $30 USD.

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I have the slab and I agree it has very pronounced blade feel. It's a great razor, but I rarely use it as I use SEs 90 % of the time.
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Tampa Florida
Thank you for your reply. I have the 24c and it is mild.

Tampa Florida
Very well put. The iKON Tech is a nice shaver with a couple days growth. Yes,I get a weeper or two on the neck and corner of my mouth. So the SLAB is a bit less aggressive??

Tampa Florida
Thank you!! Glad you are enjoying the single blade razors.
You might consider a Fatip.
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Tampa Florida
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Thank you sir for your reply. Does the Fat Tip have about the same aggression or is it a smoother shaver? I only want a closed comb razor at this time.

I will look at the razor you suggested..Thank You!

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