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(01-09-2017, 11:59 PM)latha54 Wrote: Thank you sir for your reply. Does the Fat Tip have about the same aggression or is it a smoother shaver? I only want a closed comb razor at this time.

I will look at the razor you suggested..Thank You!

It's quite a bit less aggressive than the SC Tech, but more so than something like the SLAB. Seemed like a much better transition to me, unless you just want something on the complete other end of the spectrum.. The SLAB will feel incredibly mild after getting used to a Tech.
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I saw the closed comb version of the Fatip and it looked pretty nice. Every razor seems mild after using the iKON tech for sure.

The Muhle R41 2011 was very aggressive and rough and heard the 2013 version was a bit tamer but can still feel the blade.

I will research and read reviews of the Fatip.

Thank you.

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