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(10-01-2017, 07:46 AM)feston Wrote:
(09-30-2017, 09:17 PM)andrewjs18 Wrote:
(09-30-2017, 09:07 PM)feston Wrote: I know I'm digging up the thread, but what about DFS longevity?

what do you mean?

Well, I have never used any soap other than hard, mostly triple milled soaps. What I meant is may I expect a tube of Pure2O to last, for example, 2 or 3 months of everyday shaving (this is subjective, I know)?

feston, I have so many soaps that I rotate that any one, whether triple milled hard or softer, will last me quite some time.  If, like me, you rotate a fair number of soaps and/or creams then it will last long enough that the question may not matter.  If, on the other hand, you use a soap exclusively until it is gone then it may not last as long as your tripled milled ones.  It is an excellent soap and I think it's one worth trying.  Ultimately, only you can determine whether or not the longevity is satisfactory.  If you decide to give it a go, please let us know your thoughts on the subject as I am sure others will be interested.Happy2

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This is an excellent shaving soap that smells great!  I don't know how many shaves one might get out of a tub as I have lots of soaps and creams to work through, but I know I can achieve an excellent lather with this soap and outstanding performance as well.

The Handle Bar Supply(a vendor here at DFS) still has it in stock if anyone is interested: PannaCrema DFS Pure²O LE at The Handle Bar Supply  
Gareth is the owner of the Handle Bar Supply and is great to deal with.

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Just shaved with it a couple of days ago and to me it's a really good soap and it close to the more expensive soaps by PannaCrema.

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Hi andrewjs18 I will look out for your give away.
L.Clint from U.K.

Bromley, Kent, U.K.
Hi all shaved with PURE20 DFS today & this is definitely a fantastic soap. The quality is amazing, the texture & sheen with great slickness & cushioning with a great scent, is just quality. It's my top soap at moment. So please my partner bought me this.

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L.Clint from U.K.

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