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The article GroomingDept is a good read and I would encourage folks to check it out. My opinion is different than that of the author.

Most would agree that proper face prep greatly improves the shaving experience. Part of preparation is getting the whiskers to absorb water in order to soften them, which is achieved by washing the natural oils off and letting them spend time wet with warm water. Dry whiskers are about the same strength and hardness as copper wire of the same size, thus softening them makes shaving both closer and more comfortable.

The author and I see the purpose of the oil differently. I see it's purpose as sealing in the water the whiskers have absorbed as well as probably getting into the whisker to soften it. The author talks about mixing oil with soap.

My experience is that the soap washes oil off, thus preventing the benefits I mentioned. I make a lot of artisan soap (not shaving soap). I'm becoming less of a fan of adding good ingredients like lanolin to soap because I've noticed that it washes off. I'm becoming more of a fan of adding the good stuff to after shave balm so it can soak in and do its thing.

I would encourage folks who are interested to try both methods and see what works best for them.

I use PRORASO Pre-Shave Cream .... and I notice no matter what shave soap I use the lather is always much better .....
I face lather with a CB2
just an observation



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