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I had 2 different progressions this week...

I took an FW Holler 6/8 half hollow that had been quite troublesome on both oil and water stones in previous efforts. I could get an acceptable shave from it, but not the shave I want and enjoy. I was almost lost on it, because I tried my Arkansas progression and my synthetic to jnat progressio, both with and without tape, without real success. As I said, I could shave, but...not with the desired rsults I've become used to...

I received a Belgian coticule bout. So I figured...something different, right? I put the razor to the coticule with slurry, worked through the dilucot process, and "finished" on clear water. The edge was sharp and would shave arm and leg hair, but was not "popping" the way I like. So I grabbed my Shoubudani type 100 and Mikawa Asano nagura set, and finished the razor using this method. The edge was treetopping leg hair effortlessly, and giving me an HHT 4/5 with my daughter's super fine blonde hair. Test shave was great! Still not quite on par with my best edges, but definitely better than previously, and a shave that was exceptionally comfortable. Success!

The next progression was one of the first straights I owned. JR Torrey 5/8 extra hollow that I received in a trade on DFS a little voer a year ago. The razor was a great shaver from day one, and provided a sound example of a "shave ready edge" for me to learn from. When it deteriorated to the point that I was not getting good shaves, I put it to the side, afraid of ruining it with inept honing skills, and poor technique. With virtually no hone wear and a beautiful bevel, I was giving this razor as much respect as possible by waiting until my skills were truly up to the task.

So this week, I took her out and ran her through an Arkansas progression. Lansky soft followed by white translucent and finished on a surgical black. 25 laps on ChromOx pasted fine canvas, 25 laps on FeOx pasted fine canvas, 25 laps on leather. HHT 5+ with my daughter's fine blonde hair. BEAUTIFUL!!! The edge is BETTER than it was when I first got it, providing an extremely comfortable shave that effortlessly mowed down my stubble, and left me extremely close. An exceptional shave from a great razor. I really am glad I allowed my skill to improve before I tackled this one. WELL paid off!
-Chris~Head Shaver~
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Tomo nagura.
Aiiwatani base stone.
Gold Dollar.
Now to decide what to finish it on. [Image: 17aec80973cccc0605f23635597e8726.jpg]

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