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(01-16-2017, 08:13 PM)Freddy Wrote: I'd just like to add, Chris, that, given the choice, I would always take the workhorse over the beauty queen.  I don't replate my user grade DE and SE razors but some of them are my absolute favorites for the shaves they offer.  So what if they're not ready for their close-up as long as they give me that close comfortable shave. Winking

Congratulations on persevering and a job well done. Happy2

Honestly, this is one of my proudest accomplishments in the world of honing. This blade was beat up when I got it, and I made things worse with a lack of skill and a sloppy effort. To be able to correct obvious bad honing, correct the age-related warping, and achieve what is, to this point, the keenest and cleanest edge I have ever produced is pretty cool. I'm extremely jazzed about this. It shows that I am, indeed, learning the craft, and developing the skills.

Now...I need to drag out my old Taylor Eye Witness and see if I can bring that one back to life. That one suffered greatly at my inexperienced hands, and may never again shave. But...we shall see...
-Chris~Head Shaver~
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[Image: 4d64e65ccaa862eb7bedd647fa4cc179.jpg] Green chosera 1k, Salmon naniwa 3k,Blushing number 8 coticule bout. Water only on the coticule.
The razor is a vintage Henkel.

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That Bald Guy with the Big Beard
Bishop, CA
So...feeling pretty confident after my recent success rehabilitating the Simmons near wedge, I decided to give one last effort to the Taylor Eye Witness 5/8 quarter hollow that was pretty close to the first wild straight I ever bought.

This was among the very first razors I put on synthetic stones when I bought my Naniwa set. No matter what I did to it, I could never quite get it where I thought it was supposed to be, and my complete lack of experience made some existing hone wear exponentially worse. In short order, I exacerbated a frown. I thought I ruined it after bread knifing it on an old SiC bench stone, but rather than put it in the trash, I put it in a coffin box in a drawer and tried to put it out of my mind.

Yesterday after work, I took it out along with the Lansky 600 and 1k diamond plates, a 30X loupe, and a Sharpie. I spent about an hour and a half last night resetting the bevel, and reversing the frown. Most of the horrible hone wear was able to be fixed, and at long last I was getting clean contact across the whole blade with a rolling X stroke.

Tonight I ran it on the Lansky soft and hard Arkansas stones, and finished it on the white translucent Arkansas. The shave was excellent. Just one more badly beaten up blade rehabbed and put back to use. I'm really starting to feel pretty good about my abilities on the Arkansas stones and diamond plates...

If anyone is wondering, I use a home-made oil solution on my Arks and diamond plates. It's about 75% mineral oil mixed with about 5% glycerin, 5% dish soap, and 15% water. It works pretty well for me...
-Chris~Head Shaver~

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