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Woodstock, VT
Gemstone shaving in the UK have news that the St. Petersburg plant stopped making the blades on August 1, 2016.

Now we have had a rumor a few years ago but if true it's a shame.

Time to stock up? Watch out for the fakes.

Restitutor Orbis

I have 400 pieces...

I should have made it 4000!
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Where is dcc at?  We need confirmation.................confirmation that this is a rumor and that our beloved Polsilver SI blades are still in production Smile
Whaaaaat? I just bought another 100. Time for 1000 more. Best blade ever!
DCC where are you??????

Woodstock, VT
I reached out to him. I just wouldn't expect a vendor to post it without knowledge. Ugh. They are great blades in a milder razor for me.

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Woodstock, VT
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Just heard from Veli at Polsiver-Blades.com. He received his last shipment on Aug. 5th and has no information they ceased.

Didn't want to alarm guys so wait and see I guess. My fingers on the keyboard tell me to stock up but my mind says slow it down.
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I reached out to another guy I know that sells a ton of Polsilvers to see if he's heard anything...
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He said that he hasn't heard anything about this and talked to his supplier just a week ago - and is touring the factory next month.
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Woodstock, VT
Looks like gemstone shaving took the announcement down. Questionable vendor. This happened a few years ago too.

Back to shaving.

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