That is interesting! I love the blades to death so I picked up another 200 to bring my stash to 400. Knee jerk reaction? Absolutely, but as I said, I love these blades to death and the likely hood of a brand new blade coming to market(I have tried them all) that would de-throne the Plosilver is soooo small, the recent purchase no matter crazy was worth it (to me).

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I hear you there!

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More confirmation coming, stay tuned. But I'd call this one... BUSTED.

If and when PolSilvers ever get 86ed, I'd literally buy several hundred more. They're my favorite blade.

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Yeah, I just happened upon that Gemstone shaving site and saw their announcement. I wonder if it was a ploy to sell more blades. Ugh.
Thanks for doing so much research fellows. I almost had a knee-jerk reaction myself and ordered some.

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(08-13-2016, 01:46 PM)vtmax Wrote: Yeah, I just happened upon that Gemstone shaving site and saw their announcement. I wonder if it was a ploy to sell more blades. Ugh.

Ploy, no. A large group of vendors got burned by a batch of counterfeit Polislver blades awhile back and the fallout was significant. The amount of razor/blade counterfeiting is staggering. My guess is that this may have something to do with this.

Regardless, Gillette never totally dumps these lines, they merely rename them. An insider let it be known that the Silver Blue is actually the Russian made 7 O'Clock Super Platinum (not the Indian one) "reanimated".

It's a shame that some of the recent Gillette Chinese blades are not more available in the West as these are excellent. The problem is that if you go on Ebay, Amazon or Taobao there is about a 90% chance you will receive fake ones. To stop counterfeit sales by the Chinese would send their economy into a economic death spiral. Wait........now there's an idea. Wink
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BP, great post. Just be careful gents!

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Now this has really got me thinking, and I have to now ask. If I buy blades from eBay (knockoff polsilvers), and they shave just as well as the REAL polsilver, should I really be pissed? I have bought polsilvers from all over the place and all provided and exceptional shaves except for one single blade! I've paid as much as $34 for 100 and as little as $14 for the same number and they all shaved the same. The prices for all razor blades has come down so a $14 price tag does not always indicate knockoffs (feathers and bolanz cut their prices by 1/3. I think to myself "what are the chances that a dude in Bulgaria (pretty close in proximity to the Plant in Russia) be importing Chinese knockoff and selling them when he or she can already get them dirty cheap?" what would a knock off look like? Any suggestions would be helpful.
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(08-14-2016, 06:35 AM)Hardtop01 Wrote: ...what would a knock off look like?  Any suggestions would be helpful.


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