I just received the recently released Parker Semi-Slant today. Parker calls it a "semi" slant because they claim they wanted to make a razor shave as efficiently as a slant but not as aggressive. Having shaved with many slants, I will say that most slants are efficient without being aggressive and the one that fits that description the best is the Merkur 37 and so it is no surprise that this Parker seem to take design elements from the 37. A very close inspection shows a very heavy, solid, long, and well made handle. The head, however could be finished better. There appears to be burrs and flashes around the screw hole in the base plate and the corners of the top cap are very pointed. This is not a problem once the head is put together, but can be a surprise when taking the head apart.

[Image: pHnh9MI.jpg]
[Image: TYX6k7V.jpg]
[Image: RRgX3xA.jpg]

When comparing the Parker with the two other Merkur 37 type razors (the RR 37 and the Hoffritz), the Parker seem to have a cap that is a combination of the other two. It has that slight bump like the RR, however it does not have the scalloped edges. First shave tonight and I will report on that later. After that I will probably do a comparison shave with my RR37 and my Hoffritz.

[Image: VLqqN0j.jpg]
[Image: O7min5M.jpg]

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Just had my first shave with the Semi-Slant. I found out that the official designation for it is the 55SL so I don't have to type as much letters from now on. I popped in the Astra blade that I used in my CX pass around as it is a good blade and still had some shaves left on it. WTG pass I started off (like I do with my RR 37 and Hoffritz) by putting faceted cap against my face and following that angle. I have to admit that the pass went effortlessly and pretty efficient. Absolutely no blade feel and so I guess Parker had achieved their goal. ATG pass went just as well, however in the end I did have to do an XTG pass for the area under my chin and under the jawline. Overall, this was a great shave for a pretty good price.

Beginning tomorrow, I will do a shave off against the other two 37 types, but I suspect that from tonight's shave, it might be real close.

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First shave off last night - 55SL vs RR37.

I started with the RR37 because I thought that most of you have a RR37 or a modern Merkur 37c. The main difference between the 55SL and the RR37 is the scalloped edge of the cap - the RR37 has it and the 55SL does not. It also appears that the 55SL has a thicker base plate and a larger handle, both in length and weight.

The RR37 had the left side of my face and the 55SL the right. I used the angle of the caps for both razors. WTG pass immediately showed a difference between the two razors. The 55SL was much smoother and had no blade feel. This was probably due to the slightly thicker head. The RR37 was more nimble, had a slight blade feel, and had some audio feedback. Both razors left about the same stubble left over after the pass.

ATG pass was next and the 55SL was slightly more efficient and comfortable than the RR37. Both razors handled their respective problem areas efficiently. Both razors did leave enough stubble along the jaw line and under the chin to require a lathered XTG pass. The 55SL required less dry touch up after that pass.

Quality of shave - slight edge goes to the 55SL for being more efficient.

Overall assessment - I hate to say this, but the 55SL dethroned my RR37 as king of the 37 clones.

Again, I have to say that the 55SL achieved what Parker set out to do by producing a gentle and efficient shaver.

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Tonight's shave off - 55SL vs vintage Hoffritz

I was very afraid of doing tonight's shave off. Last night the 55SL dethroned the RR37 as the best Merkur 37 clone. How will a real vintage Hoffritz version of the Merkur 37 hold up?

The 55SL had the left side of my face tonight and the Hoffritz, the right. As always, I used the angle given by the cap. Like last night, the WTG pass immediately showed differences between the two razors. The Hoffritz has slightly more blade feel. Although the Hoffritz was much heavier than the RR37, it was still not as heavy as the 55SL and more compact. Again, it was easier to maneuver than the 55SL. At the end of the WTG pass, the Hoffritz was slightly more efficient than the 55SL.

ATG pass was next and this time, the Hoffritz was more comfortable than the 55SL, but efficiency went to the 55SL. Both required a lathered XTG half pass as last night, however the Hoffritz did not require any dry touch up.

Quality of shave - tie! The Hoffritz had slightly more blade feel, however it was more efficient in the WTG pass. The 55SL was more efficient in the ATG pass, bit had some dry touch up to do.

Overall assessment - like the home town referees making calls in favor of the home team, in the situation of a tie, the vintage Hoffritz still retains it's title.

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Thank you for the excellent and thorough review! I received my semi slant yesterday and shaved with it today. Although I can't compare it to a Hoffritz, I do agree the Parker edges out the Merkur 37. Early Parker razors were a bit shoddy in quality but my last two razors have been fantastic - the adjustable and the semi slant...have been impressed with their recent offerings for the price.

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