When I thought of the idea of ​​a new handle, I forced myself to realize something that would combine beauty to perfection, in the human sense of the term.

A buffalo horn handle with 3 inserts in ram's horn arranged at 120 degrees.

By uniting the hypothetical points, we obtain an equilateral triangle expression in the history of the Art of Divinity, Harmony and Proportion.

The tuft is not glued but only installed for the photos, being able to be chosen by the buyer.

Here it is, as I imagined, designed and built:[Image: 34f38efb30b3db91821f3a239ababbfa.jpg]
[Image: d69d74b3ec7e353f99c41a20c260eb16.jpg]
[Image: 4ccbfd789afd99634282a191383a5463.jpg][Image: bcee70aab3baff1a2b3b68a8062fe51d.jpg]

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