Philly Area, PA
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[Image: zYqXMao.jpg]

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Ever Shave with the Devil in the Pale Moon Light?

Beautiful brush Batman!
I went with black for my first of hopefully many.[attachment=12][attachment=13]

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Really dig that brush nice handle how does it preform?

Philadelphia, PA
Ken's brushes are beautiful.
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
[Image: qybtOLN.jpg]
Here's my Paladin Chief in faux horn from the first batch:

[Image: 6hjmes.jpg]

Philly Area, PA
very cool, surprised not more people have these bad boys on here :/
Ever Shave with the Devil in the Pale Moon Light?
Here r 2 of mine

[Image: 326cf671cfd22f3249233f003cb9b26d.jpg]

[Image: 05b6762aa6b7a95c11901984d878c108.jpg]

The one on the left is a pk47 and right is the Falstaff. Not pictured is another Falstaff in finest. Ken makes fantastic brushes. I do prefer larger knots so the falstaffs r perfect for me.

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❤️s in bna and dtw
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my disco falstaff shipped june 19th and the postal service has really [messed] up the forwarding to my new address. i'm so incredibly tired of waiting on it, i'm really hoping it gets here tomorrow, but...

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eric b

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[Image: pnGe07n.jpg]Tortoise PK-47.

The performance is amazing.

Here it is with an ivory Chief from the first batch. You can see the beautiful variation in the tortoise coloring depending on the light. Both of these are desert island brushes for me:
[Image: Fq4aT5A.jpg]

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