I haven't tried one that hasn't worked yet. Some razors are picky about blades.

I just received my Flat Bottom Ascension today and gave it a try tonight. Overall, the razor was very light even considering that the Flat Bottom was designed to give the aluminum version more weight. I could imagine what the original one felt like just by putting the top cap and handle in my hand. I decided to shave as it came instead of trying a heavier handle. It felt no different from my bakelite razors.

I tried the adjustment prior to shaving and set it to where I thought it should be set at. After my first stroke, I realized that it needed to be tightened more and so I did and it ended up a little on the rough side. I did notice that because the razor was made of aluminum, I had to be careful of my angle because the teeth on the top cap and bottom comb were sharp enough to make it uncomfortable. I experienced the same thing when I used the aluminum version of the AES, but it was the pointed tip and the sharp corners of the top cap.

I did my second pass with the head almost completely tightened and it was a very smooth pass, but I noticed that I did have to fool around with the angle again just slightly. Surprisingly, I managed to end up with a very good near BBS shave after two passes. I think what I learned from this shave was that I really should be adjusting the razor starting from the completely closed position and then loosening it instead of starting from a loose position and then tightening it for a starting point.

The shape of the head really did make this a better adjustable razor than just inserting a rubber donut between the base plate and handle of a regular razor.

I need more shaves under my belt for this one, but I was impressed with the shave results to make me want to try more shaves.

[Image: ItLXD93.jpg]

[Image: 6DZQPd0.jpg]

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I had my maiden voyage today with the flat-bottomed aluminum Ascension, and it was splendid.  

With a Med Prep popped in, there was firm pressure for a bit more than a quarter turn.  I did most of the shave at 1/8 turn (half way tightened), and touch ups alternating between fully closed and 1/4 turn.  The feedback is great, although least noticeable at fully closed.  There is a clear difference in aggressiveness between the three settings I used - not as wide a range as "regular" adjustables - but still wide enough to be useful and to get the job done pleasantly for me (a skin-friendly BBS; I had some leisure time today Smile).   What I liked best though, was the effortless, well lubricated "DOC glide".  It felt so sweet!  

Well, so much for the honeymoon.

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