It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
Northeast, USA
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Last night's first shave with the PAA Ascension Twist.....

Got my shave in and to be honest, it was a very, very good one. I had a very good shave the night before with the Rx so, stubble was a bit lighter than normal. Nevertheless, the Ascension razor delivered a very good 2 pass plus touch ups that left my face smooth and clean.

First pass was with the razor and blade with a nice snug fit. Completed that pass and decided to turn it the 1/4 turn and see how it felt. And it actually had a nice bit of blade feel, not to much though but, pleasingly efficient and it provided a very nice and thorough 2nd pass. I left it there to complete the clean up pass (slight buffing around the chin and a quick touch up on the corners of the mouth/stache area) and it was a done deal. No irritation, no razor burn. Just an honest and very good clean shave. Nearly BBS everywhere minus Mr. Adam’s Apple area. The razor actually moved quite well and the dual open comb design does what it’s intended to do, help keep some of the lather and keep the face lightly lubricated. This razor is sweet for touch ups. Because of its light weight, it can be maneuvered easily and quickly and for those that like light weight, this one might do it for them.

What I didn’t like? It’s a very light razor and I had to adjust technique and actually create a little bit of pressure to make sure the razor stayed in constant contact with my face. If you hold it lightly, it won’t do much cutting. Unlike it’s big brother, the DOC EVO SS, a bit of pressure is required so that it’s effective. Don’t ever do that with the EVO SS, a few layers of epidermis will be removed. So, in a sense it’s a bit opposite of what I usually do with a more substantial razor. But, it’s not a deal breaker.

It shaved very well. The 1/4 turn adjustment proclamation is perhaps more of a marketing ploy and to grab ones eye but, to be fair once I made that 1/4 turn adjustment it actually did give a bit more blade feel and efficiency while staying smooth.

Probably not a razor that will break into the rotation but, it looks like it can be a very good option as a travel razor.

[Image: 1fHEsGf.jpg]

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PAA Ascension/Supermax BDT. Not as pleasant a journey as some -- you pretty much ride the guard --but efficiency is top notch. Setting is snug but not tight. The old, shorter PAA aluminum bomber handle is a better match than the one provided. [Image: 428802a5c81141e3ff8f88e26d1f7890.jpg][Image: ce625d44f624070f0cbdaaf4f3a52117.jpg]

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