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I owned a Oneblade v1 for a while and I was never able to get a good shave with the FHS blades, I had to use despined Gem blades and even then my shaves were not great. The Oneblade is simply too mild for me. It irks me that Oneblade specifically designed their other razors to exclude the Gem blades simply so they could force the use of an inferior blade.
I do own two legit Schick type-O razors (primary & backup) and a box of NOS Schick twin blades. They are an amazing combo. Easily a week's daily shaves with two weeks possible. The type-O is a rare find, but TOTALLY worth the expense if you're able.
I've never tried one of the type-O clones though.
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I am coming to like the OneBlade, but it took me a couple of weeks to adjust to using the pivot.  Good safety razor technique simply does not apply to the OneBlade.  I can definitely get a good shave from the FHS-10 blade, but only one good shave.  The Feather is a marginally sharper blade than the Gem, but has a very fragile edge that degrades very quickly.  The Gem is not quite as sharp, but has a robust edge that lasts for many shaves.  The OneBlade V2 redesign was definitely done with repeat proprietary blade sales in mind.  Don't forget, the man behind the money behind the OneBlade is F. Porter Stansberry, purveyor of questionable financial instruments, and fount of fiscal bafflegarble.

I've never owned or used a Schick type O, but the clone is a very good razor, albeit a very mild one.  I have heard from those who know, that except for the Schick branding, they are indistinguishable from each other.  Another somewhat rare injector razor designed to use twin blades, is the Personna II; the one with the floating head.  I have heard mostly good things about it.  I bought one this weekend, and am expecting it in the mail tomorrow, so we'll see.  One drawback to the twin injector blades, is that the space between the blades fills up with beard-sludge, and is hard to keep clean.  This is especially true when using Cremo latherless shave cream.  Other than that they're good.
I had the oneblade genesis from Amazon for almost 2 weeks now, used almost 10 times, it's good for you if you are coming from cartridge shaving, for someone using a safety razors like me for a while now. It will take time to adjust, and the fact that you can only use the feather blades is annoying too, the blades are good for only 2 shaves max,
I think I'll return it this weekend, it's not the most plesent experience I had
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Without a doubt the OneBlade Genesis 2 is the best razor I’ve ever had. Effortless BBS with no cuts or weepers every time and I do I have a tough beard and very sensitive skin. Incredibly easy to use..imo much easier than any double edge or single edge. It has the effortless ease of a cartridge shave with the results of a straight razor. Admittedly, that might not be everybody’s cup of tea. If you like the “ceremony” and protocols of technique with straights and DE this razor might fall short....it’s just too easy to use. I originally got one just for kicks seeing that there was a 30 trial period. After my first shave with it any thoughts of return were gone. As to blades? I stock up when I see a bargain on eBay, an online retailer or a BST. Yes, the Feather blades are not the cheapest. Am I worth a few more dimes a day? Damn right. BUT....that’s me...YMMV....

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