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Dallas TX
It has been just over a year since my first big wet shaving purchase. It was actually about two years ago when I bought a utopia DE razor off Amazon when I found out how cheap blades were, didn’t change anything else. I broke it a year later and read reddit to find a better one. Then I found Stirling and sky-rocketed from there. I honestly had not realized just how much stuff I had accumulated until I decided to do an inventory for this post.

I used to hate shaving, huge problem with irritation. I guess thats one of the reasons I got so into it. I also really love the history behind it. I am waiting for a few hardware items in the mail but collecting that stuff is also a lot of fun.

This has been a great community to interact with. I have been in communication with some amazing artisans and made some really great new friends. If you see anything in my collection that you are curious about, let me know. I would love to tell you more.

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Ferndale, MI
Holy hell man, nice collection! Where are all the razors though? Has RAD not struck yet?
- Jeff
Congrats to you. The collection has some great products. I expect choosing each day is a bit challenging. Wink

Dallas TX
Still waiting for a few in the mail. I really like collecting vintage razors. I think I have been to every antique shop in a 50 mile radius. I'm planning to do a second one with hardware.
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Dallas TX
Actually if I can't chose one I have them all on a numbered list and will roll a set of D&D dice.. You know just incase the Tardus was not dorkey enough.
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Its interesting. I think I got more razors than you show (no straight though) before a second brush or soap. Razors are my thing for sure. Everything is out of control I recon. Just a few months left being single, so ....
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If you ever decide to let some of the stuff go, please consider me for Yuzu Rose (Tallow & Steel). Shall be highly obliged. Thanks.

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