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I have a cobra classic and king cobra. I want to add another SE that take the artist club blades. I had a mongoose but sold it. What’s some good ones out nowadays. Been away two years trying to catch back up.
I have heard great things regarding the Blackland Vector. I hope to get one, soon.

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The ATT SE1 was the SERAD killer for me. It is perhaps the most efficient, most comfortable razor I’ve ever used. In fact, I just acquired a back-up SE1. I have tried the SE2, Vector and all iterations of the General. The SE1 easily takes the cake, IMHO.
Yes the ATT SE1 is a great choice. It’s my second favorite artist club razor after the Paradigm SE. Haven’t tried the Vector but I hear good things about it.

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Vector as well for me. Amazing razor!
Vector also, even more maneuverable than the Cobra Classic
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Here is my favorites: Vector (super pro blades), Sabre Lvl2, Asylum Rx (with guarded blades)

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