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I would stay away from very sharp blades in the beginning. Take your time and get familiar with you razor and how your beard grows on you face. Blades are the cheapest component in wet shaving and you can buy one package at a time. I have been shaving for years and I still stay away from very sharp blades. Maybe try Perma-Sharp Super Blades they are a bit more tolerant. Then experiment with another brand. Don't rush this as it can turn you off to wet shaving.

[Image: ZHvXO9U.jpg]Heve you tried these?

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DE Gillette
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Oh yes : thumbs up:

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A sampler pack is a good bet although I wish I stuck with a blade when I first started until my technique improved. As your technique improves those blades you thought were terrible may just happen to get better, although some blades just don't work for some people

Thanks all. I took some time out and kept the same brand for a tuck, now it's time to try some blades. Was able to buy these at a webshop. Time to start seriously keeping notes!
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Nice collection Friendlyfreedom. I'd love to hear which you liked best.
Astra SP, Polsilver, Gillette silver blues, Nacets, and lots of folks like personna as well

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First blade I ever used was a feather. Man, what a bloodbath that was haha

+1 for Astra sp

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