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Wolfman WR1-SB

So I just received my Wolfman WR1-SB last week and just completed my second shave with it. I think I have it dialed in now and boy is this a nice razor. Efficient with just the right amount of aggressiveness.

By far my favorite razor. This is the polished brass version offered by James. A true work of art. So nice that I almost don't want to use it.

I have the stainless version coming today. That one James tweaked to be a little more aggressive and is complemented with the razor stand, leather case, and WRH4 handle (77mm).

[Image: 416B96DC-0C86-4C87-AC49-E123AFC5A1A5_zpshf5lxj8h.jpg]

[Image: 601E3295-82DA-4BA8-A1BB-63E06216680F_zpsh2r7hf0u.jpg]

[Image: 587FCCF2-9474-4BF2-AC34-70A84A5087BA_zpse0mbce5c.jpg]
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Paris / France
Lovely razor. It is so nice seeing new razors popping up. My only "new" razor is a EJ 89. A nice little mild shaver, but it wasn't for me because it never shaved close enough. I wandered through many double edge razors favoring my grandfathers red tip super speed and my dad's slim adjustable. But my best shaves came from early Gems and Ever Readys. I would enjoy seeing new single edge razors that take the Gem single edge blades.
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I (like many others) really want to sign up for one of these when he opens the list again. Very nice indeed.
They are indeed worth the wait.

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