MD Eastern Shore

For your consideration, we just added four new Morris & Forndran and BSSW brushes to The ReadyMade Collection.  They include two new 28mm Estate Badger/Ebonite & Resin Arley's along with a 28mm Blonde Badger, 4-resin Emillion and an Ebonite 2XL.  [More...]

[Image: 376HMs4.jpg]
Eclipse Ebonite, Ebony Resin, Estate Badger

[Image: zWHLQUZ.jpg]
Lava Ebonite, Ebony Resin, Estate Badger

[Image: CztZ0qD.jpg]
col.849/TM Alternative Ivory, Tortoiseshell, Blonde Badger

[Image: iuf5lbp.jpg]
Nachtgras Ebonite, Finest Badger

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