(Yesterday, 06:25 PM)celestino Wrote:
(Yesterday, 05:36 PM)Nuki Man Wrote: I am curious about the "floating blade" technology.  Does the blade move up and down or side to side?  

It sounds counterintuitive to have a blade that what wiggles in the head considering every other razor clamps the blade firmly in place.

I have used the razor, twice, now, and I have not noticed this 'technology'. The blade seems to be quite secure in the head.

I have to reiterate what I mentioned, previously; I still find this razor much too mild. However, it is a fine shaver and better than any cart I have tried.

I was very dubious when the 'Active Floating Blade Approach System' was announced when they released the v2-before it was called the GENESIS. My sense is that a razor should hold the blade securely. My v1 OneBlade does exactly that. The blade is locked in and doesn't move at all.

When I got the CORE, I was curious and moved the blade around after it was inserted into the razor. It can move, very slightly, from front to back, side to side, and up and down. This seemed like the AFBAS that was in the v2 razor. I wrote to OneBlade, and they confirmed that this system was used in the CORE.

They claim that this makes the razor more mild while not losing any efficiency. I think what they mean by that is that the razor feels milder, but is still efficient. So far, that's been my experience.
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