After trying a few of these for a few months now,

Oatmeal is still awesome.

Pumpkin spice is still straight up cinnamon red hots, but makes a good lather. oatmeal still has the best lather

I threw out the Maestrale this morning. the lather on this is just so much thinner than the others. Everytime I used Maestrale, I cut my neck to shreds

lemongrass and blue gum: pretty good

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I shaved with MW Sensitive Skin (Unscented) today and yesterday and found the performance (slickness and protection) and post shave to be great. I wanted to point out the scent of this soap which is unscented. This soap base has essentially 0% to 0.1% scent that I can detect. I've only tried one other unscented soap from another artisan and the soap base scent was unpleasant and medium to medium-strong strength. Not sure how other unscented soaps are but this one is a joy to use and smell, or lack of smell.

[Image: nnFZQuk.jpg]

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