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(07-25-2015, 02:45 PM)ShadowsDad Wrote: Marcus, what is a Spitfire cap?
It is what they shave with in heaven Brian!
Gary's supplied the links and info and it is an awesome 3D printed 2011 replica cap, although rumour is that it's even better!!

And for what it's worth, I also filed down the cap of my 2013 R41 to 18.6mm (you know what I'm like Brian!) which is the same width as the Spitfire but with greater convexity. It shaves brilliantly but differently from the Spitfire - I'm guessing like the Hurricane.
In any case it's a bold but worthwhile manouver.

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Thanks guys. I'm all set on 2011 R41s, so for me it would just be redundant (I think). I far prefer the '11 to the '13. The '13 is like kissing through a screen door.
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(07-27-2015, 07:23 AM)ShadowsDad Wrote: I far prefer the '11 to the '13. The '13 is like kissing through a screen door.
That is the definitive R41 quote, right there!

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And here's the Spitfire in action:[Image: 20150727_210124.jpg]

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I just Ordered the spitfire cap. Two weeks in with this.... I put it down this morning and used a razor I thought used to give me great shaves... For a year we have been best of friends..... Anyone want to buy a Merkur Slant? Don't get me wrong I got a BBS shave with the slant, but it wasn't the same.... I love the feel of this razor, the shaves it gives, and the build quality. The first three shaves were rough I was using "forgiving" blades aka not very sharp. I do this with any razor I first acquire since all razors shave different I like to be cautious when a new one comes into the den.. As soon as I went to Kai and Feather in this.... It felt like barber shop shaves I've gotten.

I'm pretty certain an Above the Tie is/will/would be/in my stocking this Christmas so here is the question should Santa bring the ATT (do they make a head this aggressive) or should the elves look for other shave gear?

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The R41 demands the very sharpest blades possible IMO; all aggressive razors do.

I have to wonder how many folks have tried to use something other and found the razor wanting because of blade selection? To me it's common sense, the more aggressive the razor the easier one wants it to slice through the whiskers. It also means that the user can have a very light touch. That means a sharp blade. The "more forgiving" the blade the more chance that it bites. I put that in quotes because I have never found duller blades to be at all forgiving; just the opposite.
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