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I currently shave in the morning before work, but since the birth of my daughter I have found that I have less time on a morning to spend on shaving. I have noticed that the quality of my shaves has become worse due to rushing through shaves, rather than taking my time. From this week, I am going to try shaving at night and see how it goes. I have a fast-growing beard, so hopefully I won't have too much stubble during the day. I may use my aggressive razors more often (R41 and Fatip) to make my shaves last longer.

Do you shave in the morning or at night? What are your thoughts about shaving at night?


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Personally I shave whenever, night or day it depends on what is more convenient for me.  I don't leave myself enough time in the morning to shave before most days at work(my starting time changes depending on when things start), so I shave at night.  If I'm off work I'll shave after I get up and shower, and that is my preferred way of shaving.  But, on days like today when I start work at 12Pm, I get up early enough naturally that I can shave before work and after my shower Smile

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I shave in the morning because that is the way I want to start my day. However, your needs are different and special. It should be whatever works for you. There is no rule book so there is no wrong time. Besides, a very young daughter will always trump a fresh shave. Wink
During work weeks I shave in the mornings. I get up around 5:00. It's very early, but it gets me a very nice start of the day. And I like to feel smooth when I get to work.

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I am not a morning person by any means. Getting up has always been hard for me, but one of the big reasons I got into wet shaving was to combat this. By having something that I really enjoy doing in the morning, I can happily get up much earlier than I normally do. And since my routine has a couple processes that require going slowly and concentrating (wet shaving and cooking a real breakfast), it kick starts my brain a little bit and makes me feel more awake and alert by the time I get to work. That makes me productive and ready to be creative from the moment I sit down at my desk at 8 and it has helped me immeasurably in my career.

Just one man's story, but shaving in the morning is obviously my preferred choice.

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I've taken to shaving at night for the very reasons you mention; I can take my time and just enjoy it. In the morning I'm getting out packages and such and the mailman won't wait. I just can't take the time to shave in the morning. The one "problem" that I've been having is that with the razors that I use my shaves last an easy 24 hours going from a BBS to a DFS and longer. So I find that the timing is just all wrong for the second shave. I find myself shaving every other day. That's a problem because I actually enjoy shaving now.
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Night shaving has never worked well for me simply because my beard grows very quickly and densely. By the time I wake up in the morning my BBS is down to barely a DFS, which is not how I like to start my day.

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I used to always shave at night as it allowed more time for me to not rush things.
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(08-01-2015, 08:14 PM)svalcourt Wrote: Night shaving has never worked well for me simply because my beard grows very quickly and densely. By the time I wake up in the morning my BBS is down to barely a DFS, which is not how I like to start my day.

Military = Morning shaves
Also coffee and shaving! I don't know if I'd be able to get out if bed if not for that heavenly combination

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