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(02-23-2017, 11:56 AM)Paul Wrote: There are three types of Personna blades being produced at the Nazareth plant.

1. Crystal Platinum - AKA Israeli Personna's, IP's, Super + Platinum Blue & white wrappers. Marked Super + Platinum. Packed in 10's (dispenser) or 100's (loose in a white carton).

[Image: wp71c23325_05_06.jpg][Image: wp28d12e9f_05.jpg][Image: wpbbb09512_05.jpg][Image: Super%20Platinum.jpg]

2. Personna Platinum Chrome - AKA Red Personna's, Red IP's, Israeli Reds. Originally in red wrappers, now white. Unmarked or marked Personna Platinum Chrome. Packed in red boxes 5's or 10's (US style) & in plastic dispensers 10's (UK/Europe style).

[Image: Personna%20Israeli%20Red%20Pack%20razor%...0large.png][Image: wp2cf82621.jpg][Image: personna-platinum-double-edge-blades.jpg][Image: wp2afee582_05_06.jpg][Image: personnaredpack-o.jpg]

3. Personna Double Edge - AKA Boots own brand, Tesco own brand. White wrappers, unmarked blades, 10-pack plastic dispensers.

[Image: 035390.jpg][Image: wp24e3b0a6_05.jpg][Image: 052025.jpg][Image: e14zut.jpg][Image: 41tA73fS%2BVL._SY355_.jpg][Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTOZJx317Bnggj7RxVXRCK...IO0QsI69FA]

This is very interesting. I suspect that those unmarked blades in the plain white wrapper are what a vendor on Amazon is passing off as Kai blades - he sells them cheap and they come in 5 count lose in a little zip-loc baggie. They do not shave like Kai and I'd been wondering what blades he was using. Now I think I know.
Here is the guy I'm talking about, wish4blades on amazon.ca


This is what you should look for on amazon.com


If you go to both links you'll notice that the first guy never actually displays the Kai brand or package anywhere on the page whereas the second one does and they also deliver the blades in the normal Kai 5 blade packages rather than loose so buyer beware, Wish4blades is likely passing off cheaper personna blades as Kai.

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(02-24-2017, 12:04 PM)Paul Wrote:
When I purchased my latest stock of USA No.3 blades I was assured that the spec had not changed but they were never able or willing to confirm the coating on these. I don't think I will be able to carry US made DE Personnas going forward, the increases are just too high.
Paul, thanks for all the information and pictures. Sad to hear that the pricing is moving in such a direction.
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